We are a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor    quickbookspro   certified-quickbooksonline-proadvisor-2

We provide assistance and training for Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks desktop products.

We assist the client in their setup and train them in the operation of Quickbooks.

We charge a monthly fee to help the client maintain accurate information

QuickBooks helps over 4.5 million companies in the U.S. complete the necessary accounting activity their business requires in a simple, easy to understand way.  QuickBooks is an asset that can play a key role in the success of your business if implemented and used correctly.  Cannedy Business Solutions provides the support you need to apply the full potential of QuickBooks to your business, and resolve any problems you may face.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks, created by Intuit, is an accounting software program that meets your business needs in a straightforward way.  It allows you to complete a number of key functions which include creating and sending invoices, tracking inventory, accepting payments from customers, managing your revenue and expenses, as well as many others.  QuickBooks also allows a business to share information with their accountant to assist in tax preparation, payroll processing, and more.

Getting Started with QuickBooks

With any business transition there is often a period of learning and struggles.  Cannedy Business Solutions strives to shorten this time, and set a firm foundation for future use of QuickBooks.  We are able to help your business go through a smooth conversion process to avoid hassles and wasted time.  As well as setup assistance, we offer ProAdvisor training for you and your employees that allows you to maximize the QuickBooks software capabilities for your organization.

Even when your QuickBooks program is implemented and set up correctly, problems and questions can arise.  We are here to help when you need assistance performing a new task, or you’ve discovered a user error.  Our Quickbooks ProAdvisors have the comprehensive knowledge needed to provide answers, step-by-step instructions, best practices advice, and other tutorials.  Our goal is to get you back on track with your QuickBooks activities as soon as possible.

Is QuickBooks right for your business? Do you need assistance with setup or have you encountered a problem? Cannedy Business Solutions is ready to help you use the power of QuickBooks to transform your business.

Call us today for your free initial consultation to learn more about our QuickBooks ProAdvisor training and support services.

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